About Us

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About Us

The business was started by Muna, born and raised in Nepal.

She came to the US for college. But financial needs at home meant she had to take a break from school and work full-time to support her family.

While working two part-time jobs, all she could think of was starting her own small business. She didn’t know what it would be- a grocery store, a salon, a restaurant? So she tried to learn everything from Spanish to how to make a sandwich to construction.

While she was trying to figure it all out, her father told her- do what you know and do it extremely well. What she knew was a lot of what her father had taught her. Her father had been a long-time trader of Nepalese and Thai goods and used to take her on trips to markets in Nepal and Thailand where highly authentic products were made mostly by hand. During these trips, she had really grown to love those hard-working artisans, learning their trade, knowing the materials and the products intimately and mingling with their family members.


So she decided to deliberate no more and took out a small personal loan to try out her ideas.

One hot Saturday in the summer of 2010, she and her two sisters joined a quaint NYC street fair and set up a small 10x10 tent and a table full of tapestry and handmade arts and crafts.

Though they did terrible business that day, they learned a great deal about who the customers are and what they look for.

They made some adjustments and by the end of that summer, the business was profitable.

So they set up a permanent location in Manhattan and experimented with clothing and accessories which was transformational to the business. It may not be a stretch to say that Karma Nepal Crafts was one of the first, if not the first, business to introduce and popularize harem and other comfort styles to the trendy, fashionable scene of NYC.


They expanded the business in 2019, opening another Retail location in Park Slope area of Brooklyn.

Then came the pandemic! Like the rest of America and the world, the business faced particularly challenging times.

But what fun is doing business if it is not challenging! Besides, didn’t some wise person say every challenge presents an opportunity?

The opportunity was to grow online. So we ramped up our website and Today, Karma Nepal Crafts carries 600+ products spanning clothing, jewelry, crystals and meditation accessories, offering fast, free shipping and free returns.