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  • 4.8 inches diameter high quality Singing bowl
  • Handmade in Nepal
  • Perfect palm sized Tibetan Singing bowl
  • Comes with Stick
  • The Singing bowl is an ancient Tibetan Meditation tool, often used within buddhism to accompany mudras, prayers and hymns. It can be powerful tool for healing and when rung with a wooden stick, a vibration can be felt in the bowl that is said to remove negative energies.
  • The pitch of the bowl depends on its thickness, size and weight and the tones set up the frequency that creates a balancing left right brain synchronization. Singing bowls are traditionally constructed of seven metals such as gold, silver, mercury, copper, iron, tin and lead which correspond to the seven planets.
  • Singing bowl are aslo used in yoga, music therapy, sound healing , religious services, perfromances and for personal enjoyment.  It can also be used fro deep relaxation, stress reducing, holistic healing and chakra balancing
  • Buddhism identifies the conch shell as one of the eight auspicious symbols, known as the Ashtamangala. Each of these eight symbols represents a part of Buddha’s physical form with the conch representing Buddha’s melodious voice. In today’s Tibetan Buddhist practice, the conch serves to sound for the gathering of religious assembly, and as a musical instrument and container for holy water during the ritual.One of the thirty- two major signs of the Buddha’s body is his deep and resonant conch-like voice, which resounds throughout the ten directions of spaceThe conch is akin to the modern bugle, as an insignia of power, authority, and sovereignty. Its promising blast is believed to banish evil spirits, avert natural disasters, and scare away harmful creatures.

4.8" Mantra Carved Handmade Singing Bowl from Nepal

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Karma Nepal Crafts

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