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Handmade in Nepal
Material: Resin

Length: Approx. 12 cm

Width: Approx. 4 cm

Weight: Approx. 169 gm
Hanuman is generally represented with a monkey face, showing that he is the king of the monkeys. It is said their either his parents were the king and queen of the monkeys or his mother was a nymph cursed to be a monkey and his father was Vayu, the wind god.
Lord Brahma granted him the boon that no curse will affect him, he will have knowledge greater than him, he can become invisible, he can go anywhere at will in a second, and that he will be able to create any object at his will and that he will show fear in his enemies.

He stands for his supreme devotion to Lord Rama, and his devotion to Lord Rama is considered to be the highest form of devotion. It is believed by devotees that even today, wherever the name of Lord Rama is chanted or mentioned, this sacred servant of the Lord would be present there listening to the chanting of his name! He is also the most ancient super human, who is popular beyond the Indian subcontinent and mentioned in other traditions and cultures as well.

People worship Hanuman to get  blessings and to be free from evil spirits, to overcome complex problems of health, married life, depression, anxiety, fear and helps to induce courage

Blue Hanuman Statue from Nepal, Monkey God, God of Honesty Loyalty, Resin Hanuma