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The chakra necklace has seven different stone and each stone represents each chakra. The chakra pendant is silver plated and is handmade from Nepal.


Crown Chakra – Amethyst (purple) = perception of being, serenity and self-awareness.

Third eye chakra – Lapis (blue) – connection to wisdom, insight, motivates inspiration and creativity,

Throat chakra – Turquoise (blue) – disperse negativity, restores confidence, and promotes tolerance,

Heart chakra – Green jade – symbolizes harmony. Creativity. Health. Abundance and nature

Solar plexus chakra – Amber – a source of personal power, self-belief, and self-worth

Naval chakra – carnelian – promotes courage, do what makes you happy not what makes everyone else happy.

Base chakra – Red Jasper – lays the foundation for expansion in your life, feeling of safety and grounding.


Chakra necklaces

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