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  • Handmade in Nepal
  • Made of Elastic Nylon Cord (Fits most sizes)
  • The yak bone beads are inlayed with copper, nickel, brass and turquoise and coral. Yaks have played a significant role in Tibetan culture and lifestyle for centuries by being used for transportation of goods, yak hair is used for fabrics and rope, and yak milk is used for cheese and butter. Yak bone represents impermanence and is said to maintain healthy blood circulation.
  • Mala bracelets are a great tool for concentration. Mala beads were originally created over a thousand years ago, to assist the wearer in prayer, they are a type of rosary, to count mantras. (A mantra is a devotional affirmation said out loud). Our mala bracelets have no religious connotation, and are worn by people all over the world of many different faiths. You can use this in your everyday life, in many occasions, be it during a long meeting, counting your mala beads in one hand under a desk will help you stay focused, when you are stuck in traffic, praying for a miracle, in a classroom, or an important phone conversation.

Handmade Bodhi Seeds Prayer Beads Bracelet

  • Return and Exchange can be made within 30 days of purchase.

    For any questions, email or call us.